We’re obsessed with our two cats. End of story. Well, not really, there’s actually a lot more to it. We just really, really, really love them. Donovan (aka Donny, Donny-Boy, Dondito, Donsive, Brother, etc.) and Penelope (aka Penny, Penny-Girl, Pen-Pen, Lil Pen, Noodle, Baby Noods, Sister, etc.) bring so much joy to our lives! They came into our lives right after our wedding, and though it wasn’t under the best circumstances (more on that later), we absolutely cannot imagine life without these crazy gatos! Here they are in one of their favorite spots — our bedroom window. Pretty Penny is on the window sill and Dono is on the bench.

Bengal Cats in the Window

 And a bunch of other shots we’ve snapped of them (from newest to oldest):

Dono the Bengal Cat in the Window

Penny the Bengal Cat Sunning

Donovan the Bengal Cat

Penny the 2 year old Bengal Cat

Donovan the 2 year old Bengal Cat

Donny-Boy in his absolute favorite place –> Steven’s shoulders!

Donny the Bengal Cat on Shoulders

 Pretty Penny mesmerized by the bubble screen-saver on my laptop. Really studyin’ hard! LOL.

Penny the Bengal Cat Studying

Bengal Cat Christmas Stocking

Donny the Bengal Cat with Christmas Lights

Lucky shot here. Donovan was doing the “wiggle butt” & I snapped this mid-pounce of attacking a sleeping Penny.

Donny the Bengal Cat Flying

Penny the Bengal Cat on Bed

Penny's Bengal Spots

Bengal Cat on Shoulder

Dono the Bengal Cat on Shoulders

Bengal Kittens Sleep Falling

Bengal Kittens Cuddling

Bengal Kittens Sleeping

Bengal Kittens on Shoulder


What a ham! This was day 2 of having them & as you can see, Donny just couldn’t handle not having 100% of our attention. Funny, considering I was actually looking for a new cat-tree for HIM! haha.

Bengal Cat on Laptop

Our New Bengal Kittens


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