Kitchen Kitchen Demolition

As promised in my last post about our decision to renovate our kitchen, things get a lot more interesting… especially with a sledge hammer. Actually the first thing we did was remove our ancient double-stack oven. Note that from here forward in this post, “we” mainly means “they” while I took pictures. Our plan was […]

Gimme that slab!

We’re super stoked on our new home and how it all came together. But right from the beginning there was one pretty important area that I really really disliked. We actually ignored the listing when we were still house shopping because of the kitchen. Clearly no one ever told the previous owners how important the […]

Living Room Barrel? Yes Please!

Not sure where it comes from, but I have this thing about empty walls in a home. It just always screams that something’s missing to me and I have to fill it. Our new home has A LOT of walls, most of which are still empty (workin’ on it!), but there was one in particular […]

Filling in the Blanks

As new homeowners, we’ve definitely learned to appreciate living more simply and spending more wisely. Steven and I are definitely savers at heart, but Steven is a little more of the spender of the two. I wouldn’t say I’m cheap, but after years of working in retail and marketing, I’ve learned all the tricks strategies those pesky marketers (ha!) use […]

Not even a week…

Yep, our new home was intact for only 4 days after getting the keys before Steven, his dad, and uncle all got the itch for some renovation/demolition. It all started with wanting our TV to be mounted above the fireplace, since it just seemed like it was meant to go there. Turns out, it wasn’t. […]

Home Sweet Home

Okay, I have to put a disclaimer out there, a few actually. First, just because you’re getting a glimpse at our new place does not mean you get out of coming over! Secondly, you may or may not see our gatos in a lot of pictures moving forward—did we mention we’re crazy about our kids?!! […]