Wanting More: When And What is Enough?

In college I dreamed of landing a good paying job that I’d enjoy. I did everything I could to get there, too. I worked nearly full-time throughout my college career and held multiple internships. Admittedly, I was a bit of a hustler and did whatever it took to get where I thought I needed to […]

Dreams of Sunshine

This past weekend we held a baby shower for my big brother and his sweet girlfriend. I’m so incredibly happy for the start of their little family and it was such an honor to capture the day in photos. I won’t share all of them here, but some of the details that went into the […]

What I love most about my home…

In October of last year, Steven and I started considering the idea of buying a home and soon after, the house search was in full force.  We spent nearly every spare minute on a home search website or out viewing potential properties, of course setting our sights on bigger, more expensive ventures as we went. Thankfully, even […]

Weekend Anniversary Getaway: Avalon, Catalina Island

Steven and I decided to get away for a quick weekend trip to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. After reading a bunch of reviews of different accommodation options, we chose Avalon, Catalina at the Snug Harbor Inn and it was spectacular! The Romance Package offered an incredible value with 2 round trip tickets, 1 […]

Blessings, Trials, and New Perspectives

I know I haven’t kept up with regular updates lately, but the past two months have been nothing short of crazy! Some good and some bad, but everything Steven and I have experienced has truly humbled us and given us a better perspective on life. In October my internship at a prominent internet marketing company […]

Better Together!

After years of writing for various organizations, today I decided to create my very own blog. But what’s a blog without an amazing name?! That’s where the living room floor of my in-laws became the foundation for brainstorming. With the Padres barely winning in the background, Tammy & I threw around various overly cheesy possibilities, […]